About the Data

CNT has created a robust, one of a kind database consisting of stop, route and frequency information for 902 transit agencies in regions with populations greater than 100,000 as well as a large number of smaller regions and agencies.

Metropolitan areas as defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget with 2013 populations greater than 100,000 were chosen, and the transit agencies serving these areas were compiled from the 2013 National Transit Database as well as the American Public Transportation Agency.

Large agencies publicly provide their system information in a format called General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) which powers applications like Google and Bing Maps’ transit directions. Publicly available GTFS was gathered, all remaining agencies were contacted to enquire about the availability of GTFS. One quarter of the agencies in the AllTransit database do not have GTFS and for that purpose CNT created a simple user-friendly online tool to collect this data (called the AllTransit Data Builder). Route maps and schedules were obtained from agencies and GTFS was created using the AllTransit tool.

Transit measures consist of data from


Stop Locations