About AllTransitTM

AllTransit is the largest source of transit connectivity, access, and frequency data in America. It offers tremendous potential for planning applications to increase our understanding of the value of transit, as well as to enhance service and operations planning.

Transit access is measured through General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data collected and created by CNT. In addition to the publicly available GTFS data provided by transit agencies, CNT developed GTFS structured datasets utilizing online transit maps and schedules. In many cases, CNT has directly contacted transit agencies to obtain more specific information on stop locations and schedules. All GTFS data is merged into a proprietary dataset known as AllTransit. A companion online tool facilitates the collection, normalization, and aggregation of GTFS data to analyze fixed-route transit service.

CNT has station, stop, and frequency data for bus, rail and ferry service for all major agencies in regions with populations greater than 100,000 as well as a large number of smaller regions and agencies. Click here to view a list of all agencies for which transit data has been compiled.

If you are interested in learning more about AllTransit or obtaining data, please contact Preeti Shankar (pshankar@cnt.org).

Transit measures consist of data from


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